Who We Are

Why Heretic

Built to spark the evolution of an industry, Heretic Knives is relentless in the pursuit of our vision. Blending renowned traditions with a passion to break the mold, we deliver products that are distinctive, yet refined.

Every step of our production is thoughtfully maintained to ensure our products retain a small-batch feel with superior attention to detail. Beginning with conceptual design and engineering, then carrying through manufacturing and finishing, each piece is monitored to ensure enduring and unparalleled craftsmanship.

– Anthony & Jessica Marfione

We vow to challenge conformity and embrace the exceptional, bringing cutting edge designs and introducing unprecedented elements to the craft.

Our Product Promise

We strive daily to redefine expectations within the knife industry, pushing boundaries while maintaing a tier-one product. With that in mind, each knife undergoes a rigorous process from development through production to ensure nothing but the best leaves our facility.


All of our components are manufactured and assembled in the USA. We are committed to bringing you a product that is manufactured using high quality and safety standards and take pride in supporting local industries to foster a stronger domestic economy. 


Whether it’s to showcase intricate detail or necessary to withstand the toughest conditions, we source only the best materials for our handles and components.

Our blade steels are carefully selected to deliver an optimal balance of performance, durability, rust-resistance and machinability.


Achieving a balance between form, fit, and function is crucial for creating successful and user-friendly products that combine visual appeal and reliable mechanics for optimal performance.

Features incorporated in the majority of our products, like our integrated lanyard hole or reversible pocket clip, marry these concepts, allowing users to tailor their knives to their use case.


Every product that leaves our facility is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. Rest assured that we’ll be there to support you as the need arises.